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B2B marketing gets a bad rap.

  • “Boring”

  • “Buttoned-up”

  • “Blimey, that is offensively crap”

All phrases I’ve seen used to describe shoddy, lacklustre work that doesn’t amount to anything meaningful over my career.

And that’s what I’m on a mission to change.

Every week, I share real-world strategies for B2B marketers working in companies that are building their marketing teams into fun-size, actionable chunks.

On the fence on whether to subscribe? Then just answer this simple question:

“Is my marketing where I need it to be?”

If the answer is no, then I think you’re in the right place. 😉

Who is Jason Bradwell?

While I tend to lean into the mysterious marketing enigma trope, for you I’ll pull back the curtain a little.

For the last decade, I’ve worked in marketing for a bunch of different companies, ranging from boutique business consultancy to extreme sports and leisure to enterprise technology.

I consider myself a ‘T-shaped’ marketer - I’m comfortable with a lot of things, but my specialism lies predominantly in audience building. Why? Because I believe this it’s the last competitive marketing advantage there is left in B2B.

My favourite type of business to help is what I call a ‘sleeper’; an organisation that has been humming along without truly leveraging marketing to drive growth, but in doing so stands to unlock tremendous opportunity.

(And there’s more out there than you think…)

I’m also the proud father of a beautiful little girl I will talk about endlessly if given the chance and a pained supporter of the Arizona Cardinals desperately hanging on to the hope of a Championship one day.

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One more thing…

Every two weeks I sit down with a marketing leader to lean how they hit their goals by thinking outside the box - and dig into how this can be applied to other B2B businesses. Here are a few of my most recent episodes.

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