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B2B Bite is a newsletter from Jason Bradwell. It’s written for every marketer, creative and storyteller confined by the rusty shackles of a misunderstood industry that wants to shake things up a bit.

Each issue will contain musings on how B2B solution providers can rethink how they win new business from the modern-day buyer when your company sells something bespoke to each and every single client.

Who is Jason Bradwell?

Jason is the Founder and CEO of B2B Better, a strategic marketing advisory firm that helps Solution Providers transform marketing from a cost centre into a profit centre.

He is the former Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for a PE-backed B2B Solution Provider in the enterprise technology space.

He has:

  • Built an inbound machine that generated $20m+ of marketing-sourced pipeline

  • Ran the marketing playbook for a company that led to a $120m+ acquisition

  • Helped a solutions provider exceed its Qualified Opportunity target by 78%

  • Increased digital engagement by 205% in under a year

Jason is also a former journalist, professionally trained thespian, and father to a hurricane that has taken the form of a four-year-old little girl.

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He also hosts the podcast B2B Better.

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On a mission to make B2B marketing less boring. Co-founder of my daughter.