Aug 17 • 28M

How to Do Customer-led Growth w/ Gia Laudi


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Jason Bradwell 👋
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In this episode, I talk to Gia Laudi, Co-founder of Forget the Funnel.

We talk about why the conventional marketing funnel is fundamentally broken (so stop using it) and what needs to take its place - actually talking to customers to figure out what they need and how to build a strategic plan that moves the needle.

Gia also shares a step-by-step breakdown of her Customer-led Growth Framework, developed alongside Co-founder Claire Suellentrop, how to gather insights when actually getting a client on the phone is impossible and what customer discovery looks like in startup versus enterprise.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who cares about building strategies grounded in real-world insights versus following outdated frameworks or hyped-up “growth hacks”.

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