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Q&A on Building a Podcast for Your B2B Company

Q&A on Building a Podcast for Your B2B Company


Before we get into it…

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Raw, authentic, slightly tired... no, this is not the description of my upcoming country album.

In this episode, I take the microphone solo for an (almost) non-stop brain dump on a bunch of questions that have been asked by my podcast clients over the last few months.

What's covered:

  1. How do I overcome my fear of hosting a podcast?

  2. What metrics should I measure when producing a podcast?

  3. Do you have a favourite podcast? What is it?

  4. How do I generate customer insights from my podcast series?

  5. What does an MVP podcast tech stack look like?

This is a must-listen for anyone thinking about launching a B2B podcast (or enjoy the sound of an Englishman droning on for 30 minutes).

Listen here:

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