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How to Position a Service-based Business w/ April Dunford

This was a GREAT episode.

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Jason Bradwell πŸ‘‹
B2B Better exists to help companies rethink the status quo on how they win new business. Each week, Jason sits down with experts to understand how marketing and sales is broken in their industry - and what they're doing to fix it.
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Before we get into it…

I run a strategic marketing consultancy firm called B2B Better. We offer Fractional CMO work, marketing sprints and coaching.

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In this episode, I talk to April Dunford, Positioning Expert.

April has written one of my favourite business books - Obviously Awesome - which distils down the five core components of effective product positioning.

I've always wondered though - how does her methodology translate to selling services or solutions?

Well, I got the answer (and then some!) on this episode of B2B Better. We also covered why positioning is not a marketing activity and how often a company should revisit their current positioning.

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