Feb 7 • 10M

[CASE STUDY] How to Drive Revenue with Direct Mail and Taylor Swift w/ Jeffrey Mack

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Jason Bradwell 👋
B2B Better exists to help companies rethink the status quo on how they win new business. Each week, Jason sits down with experts to understand how marketing and sales is broken in their industry - and what they're doing to fix it.
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In this episode, I talk to Jeffrey Mack, VP of Marketing at Agility.

We talked about a creative direct mail ABM campaign he ran during his time at LinkedIn to 250 targeted accounts to drive new business - all inspired by Taylor Swift.

This episode of a new micro-series under the B2B Better umbrella, Breaking B2B, showcases creative marketing and sales campaigns executed by people in the trenches, actually doing the work - all in 10 minutes or less.  

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